Sunday, May 9, 2010

Above is our electical plan but shows the house layout without any lines and stuff. We have done a couple of things since this was drawn like extend the kitchen island bench but nothing major. Also a picture of what the house will look like on our block.


  1. Great to see a pic of what you are planning. Great use of the block. I think these ones with awkward access give you a great oppotunity to do something different. Looks like you will still have a good sized yard also.
    Looking forward to seeing it all happen.
    Is that Stanhope Pkwy out your front door?

  2. Thanks Min - yes it is Stanhope Parkway. Our trade off for 715m2 block was being on a main road.

  3. It sounds like good electrical plan for your home. I hope there would be it would be finished successfully.
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