Monday, September 27, 2010

We have started!!

I know I have been so slack with the blog but nothing was happening and then last week we finally had progress. Our block has been cut and a site fence installed. Last night when we went to visit we could even see the outline of the house !! Was so exciting to see some progress. Slab should be down by the end of the week so my fingers are crossed for fine weather !!


  1. Hi
    Interesting reading your blog. I am so going to keep an eye on it because my partner and I are looking into building an Eden Brae home. I'm writing a blog myself -
    too!! But its more about design at the moment than anything else. Its fun though. I get caught up in the design ideas but no doubt will be talking house soon! Any advice, please let me know!! Good luck with your home!

  2. Hey Chasey, just came across your blog! Looking forward to seeing some pics..we are also building in Kellyville Ridge! Eden Brae make beautiful homes, great choice! This is my blog also

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